Recording children singing

Audio is often a better way to capture children at their most delightful, natural and spontaneous.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day treat this weekend. At her nursery, my three year old daughter, Iris, was taught a song to sing to me on Mother’s Day. She came home unable to contain the secret and began singing to me. Iris is typical of most three year olds, and when I asked her if she would sing it for the camera to show grandma, she wasn’t in the mood and flatly refused.

Luckily I had our Aroundsound app to hand and had quickly hit record as she started the song, so we have a wonderful, natural sound recording of the moment. Later I played it to her and she was very proud, and happy for me to share with others (but she still didn’t want to be filmed).  You can listen to the song here:


Mother’s Day Song

There is something about being recorded on audio that is safer and allows an unrestrained expression compared with video. Appearing in front of a camera tends to cause a different and less natural behaviour, and often a shyness to participate, in adults as well as children. I wouldn’t have shared the material if she was unhappy for me to do so, but having been able to capture it for her then to decide, was precious.

The Aroundsound app is currently available on Android as a private Alpha. If you’re interested in becoming part of the early testing group, drop us a line here.

Photo credit Jon Flobrant on Unsplash.

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