First words – recorded

This weekend my youngest daughter, Edith, said “Hello” for the first time. Like all babies, she had been waving for a while and making noises that indicated ‘hello’, but this weekend she cracked it. It was wonderful, such a delight to hear her make that leap. And guess what, she’s got a northern accent, wonderful! And probably expected given where she’s growing up.

What was almost as wonderful is that we’ve captured her saying that, to keep forever, using Aroundsound. We’ll add it to our memory bank, our collection of Edith’s best sounds, and I’ve got no doubt that this will be a priceless recording we will revisit over and over.  Of course we could have videoed her saying this, but then the scene would have changed by me pointing a phone at her, and I would have been watching her through my screen and not chatting with her eye-to-eye.  I expect she might have performed differently or maybe refused to cooperate, as she so often does when she is filmed.

Here she is for the record:

Edith says Hello


Photo in header by Thiago Cerqueira on Unsplash

Published by Rachel Evatt

Rachel is the co-founder of Aroundsound, an app for recording and sharing sound, and is the joint owner of Sunart Fields in Derbyshire, an ecological restoration project.

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