The Story of Aroundsound

Rachel tells you the story of her passion to record those easy to miss moments with her family so they could treasure them forever; how Aroundsound was born!

Rachel tells you the story of her passion to record those easy to miss moments with her family so they could treasure them forever; how Aroundsound was born!

I first realised just how special sound was when I had my second daughter, Edith. When my oldest girl Iris, was born, those first six months were just about survival really, but by the time I was a mum for the second time I knew just how quickly time flies and how much the girls change in that time, and I wanted to do everything I could to save every precious moment.

I had my hands full with the two of them, so without really thinking about it, I started to take sound recordings. Little things really, like Edith lying on the mat babbling, or the sound she would make first thing in the morning when there was just the two of us.

What made it practical and also making it special,  I didn’t need to worry about a screen. I could focus on my interaction with the girls, knowing we were making memories we could relive later.

I knew there were already a fair few technologies that I could use to record sound, but I couldn’t find anything that let me capture, organise and share sound as easily as I wanted. As a product engineer, I was drawn to this. And that’s how Aroundsound was born.

What I really love about sound is that it isn’t a choice between capturing a moment and living it. You can do both.

Until we find a way to time travel, listening back to recordings is the next best thing. I close my eyes and I am transported back to the moments we made together.


And what’s even better is that I can share them with family and friends, and they can enjoy them too.

Sound is helping our family connect in ways which matter – we are grabbing those everyday  moments in life and being able to relive them and share them, like the time Edith said her name for the first time and called herself ‘Ebeep’. It was wonderful to capture this sound, and she’s already stopped saying it now. Like every child, speech develops so quickly and before you know it they no longer say that wonderful thing in that way. We shared that moment with the girls’ grandparents and they loved being able to enjoy that ‘first’ with us from afar. 

The girls’ grandparents have sinced been using Aroundsound to record and share bedtime stories, so Iris and Edith have been listening to the sound of their grandparent’s voices as they fall asleep. It’s become a nightly routine now and we have a back catalogue of around 80 bedtime stories to choose from, as well as new ones coming in regularly!

Aroundsound is really helping me capture some amazing memories of my girls and share these with the people that matter. I can hit record and stay in the moment with them, rather than behind a screen. We now have a soundtrack of our girls early lives, which will be precious to us, and to them and perhaps their children in years to come.

Since the start of Aroundsound, I’ve become more and more interested in the power of sound to capture the world around us. We now have people using Aroundsound for saving special stories, labelling lessons and lectures, sharing spoken word and musical moments and recording soundscapes for meditation. The amazing feedback we’ve had so far is helping to develop the product it is today, and we’re still learning and shaping what it becomes. 


Please give it a go and tell us what you think! Download Aroundsound here: Android App or iPhone app.


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