Bring your childhood to life for your grandchild

Bring your childhood to life for your grandchild

Grandparents are natural story tellers, why not tell your grandchildren what life was like when you were their age, what could be better than your grandchild listening to stories from your childhood in your voice!

Aroundsound lets you easily record, save and share your own childhood stories with your grandchildren.

Imagine being able to share the stories of what life was like when you were the same age as your grandchildren for them to listen to over and over again.

Everyone can be a storyteller. What a birthday treat to get a message from you describing your birthday at their age or how lovely for Christmas morning describing the toys you received from Father Christmas at their age, some may be the same…some very different!

A good luck wish on their first day with a story on how your first day of school went or a bon voyage for their holiday with a story from your holidays at their age to entertain them on their journey.

But you don’t need a special occasion to share your memories, even the everyday can contain some amazing shared memories.

Recording, saving and sharing with your family is easy, its choosing what stories to tell will be the hard part!

So just grab a cuppa, sit down, relax, hit record on the aroundsound app and tell your stories. Aroundsound automatically saves the story and you can give it a unique name before sharing it with your family. It’s easy to share via text message, WhatsApp or email, just press the three little dots on the right a sound options menu appears, just press share sound, this will bring up your phone’s options for sharing. Your family can then listen via the Aroundsound app or simply open the link and listen in a web browser on their computer or mobile phone if they don’t already have the app.

Story Collection

Why not create a story collection for your grandchildren to listen and cherish your stories over and over again. It couldn’t be easier, once you have recorded the press the three little dots on the right and press add to collection, then either create a new collection or add to an existing collection. You can then find your collections by pressing collections at the bottom of the app. Want to share the collection of stories with your family? No problem, just press those 3 little dots again beside the collection and press share collection and share however you like.

Have fun and happy recording!

Need Inspiration?

Listen to an Evatt family story with a piece of interesting family history here…

Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

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