Bring your childhood to life for your grandchild

Grandparents are natural story tellers so why not tell your grandchildren what life was like when you were their age? There couldn’t be anything better than your grandchild listening to stories from your childhood in your voice!

Create your own Memoirs

Imagine being able to preserve the stories of what life was like when you were the same age as your grandchildren. What’s more, for them to be able to listen these stories over and over again regardless of time and place. Aroundsound lets you easily record and share your childhood stories with your grandchildren. Hit the red big button and start telling your story.

Grandmother with her grandchild
Grandmother with her grandchild sharing her story

While you can record your own history chronologically, you can easily send a “good luck wish” on the children’s first day at school with a story on how your first day of school went. Are the grandchildren off for their summer holidays? Send them bon voyage for their holiday with a story from your holidays at their age to entertain them on their journey.

Holidays spent with grandparents
Holidays spent with grandparents

But you don’t need a special occasion to share your memories – the everyday can contain some amazing memories. Recording is easily done while enjoying a cup of tea or anywhere ‘on the go’. Aroundsound automatically saves the recording. Give it a unique name before sharing it with your family via any messaging channel you prefer. Your family can then listen even without the Aroundsound app.

Create Collections

Why not create a Collection of stories or themes for your grandchildren? It can be bedtime stories you used to enjoy or a recount of your different life stages. Creating a Collection is simple:

  • Once you have recorded the press the three little dots on the right
  • ‘Add to Collection’ is one of your options
  • You can also go to the Collections tab and hit the ‘+’ button.
  • You will be able to ‘add sounds’ directly from that new Collection

Creating memories and memoirs is easy. Download the Aroundsound app for iPhone or Android and start recording your story. Have fun and happy recording!

Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

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