How to customise your Quick Settings Tile

Hit record even when your phone is locked. Sounds too good to be true? With Aroundsound you can do just that. We’ve put together a short guide on how to customise your Quick Settings Tile so you can record with one swipe and tap.

What is a Quick Settings Tile?

You may already be familiar with quickly checking your phone’s battery level or sending your phone into airplane mode, but not knows that you can customize the menu. Quick Settings Tiles are powerful additions to Android, if your running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later versions. 

There are two Quick Settings Tiles that you can add with Aroundsound:

  • Start (and stopping) a recording
  • Add a Key Moment to the recording
Quick Settings Tile on Android

Why are Quick Settings Tiles powerful?

With Aroundsound’s Quick Settings Tile you can start a new recording with just one tap. You can follow the steps below or fast track the set up and watch this video. Whether you’re listening to the sounds of birds in your neighbourhood or happen to pass by some brilliant buskers –  it’s the fastest way possible to start a recording and stay in the moment even if the device is locked down.

Capture Sounds of Buskers with Aroundsound

How do I add a quick settings tile to Android?

Quick Settings Tiles give you easy access to specific actions like switching your phone on silent, WIFI or airplane more. However it’s not evident how you can customise this part of your phone.

To add Aroundsound’s Quick Settings Tiles follow these simple steps:

  • Fully slide down the Quick Settings bar  
  • Tap the pencil icon (or if you have a Samsung device, the 3 dot icon) to start editing your Quick Tile Settings
  • Scroll down or sideways to find the tile you want to add
  • To add a tile, drag it up to the active tiles

Alternatively and if you’ve got a Samsung device check out this video. Lastly, also check the “Recording with one tap” description directly in the app. Please visit the “More” tap, then under the “Help” section, you’ll find “Recording with one tap” which entails plenty of screenshots.

Music being played on an electrical piano.
Recording music lessons with Aroundsound

Sound recording made easy

Capturing your everyday using sound is an exciting way to engage with the world around you. You might be a music teacher familiar with recording or already enjoying compiling sounds of your everyday such as your summer sounds ; for those who are new to sound recording our app has made it easy on both Android and iOS to hit record with one tab and share these sounds with your friends and family. If you’re still a little unsure then check out our short guide for how to get the most out of our app. Try and record a sound next time you’d want to take a picture.

Photo credit James Prestion @Unsplash

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