How to get organised with Sound Collections

Capture and organise sounds with collections

You’ve got lots of loose recordings, but you’re unsure what to do? How to de-clutter your stream of sounds? Let’s get you organised with Collections so you can get the most out of your audio recordings.

A place for everything, and everything in its place

As a good old saying by Mrs Beeton goes, there is a place for all your recordings or what we call Collections. A Collection is a place in Aroundsound where you can organise your recordings in a way that makes intuitive sense to you. You might like to think of Collections as an album of topic related sounds e.g. bedtime stories, lessons and lectures, musical notes or work related sounds.

Colourful Collections of sounds

For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned

Whether you’re going through your recent sounds or starting out recording, a Collection is created as easily as giving your recording a title. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Collections tab and hit the ‘+’ button
  • You can ‘add sounds’ directly from that new Collection, or you can select a recording directly from the sounds tab
  • Tap on the menu and then choose ‘add to a Collection’
  • Alternatively, when you create a recording, tab on the three dots on the right – “Add to Collection” is one of your options
Audio recordings in a Collection in the Aroundsound App
Get organised with audio Collections

Aroundsound also provides ‘Smart Collections, which are auto-filled with relevant sounds. Just now you will find one for any sounds that have been shared with you called ‘Incoming’ and another for sounds you have shared called ‘Shared’.

How many things are there I do not want?

While you’re busy organising your audio recordings you may realise you’ve got too many of the same sounding laughs and words or acoustic inspiration for your musical practice. Hit delete and make space in your storage for available synced minutes. Likewise, you can trim or crop a recording to keep (and share) the best bit. Our handy how-to guide can give you further ideas to optimise your sounds.

Getting organised with your sounds

Collaborate with Collections

In some cases you’re being organised just for your own piece of mind. However, in many ways there is the option to share a Collection with others – friends and family, band mates or colleagues from work. Try this: when you invite others to your Collection they become a member and can comment and add their own sounds.

What’s more – members that joined can be notified when you add a new sound. It’s a collaborative tool allowing you to share efficiently and securely.  When you’re ready to share and thus invite others to join your Collection, you’ll be asked to set the current status of the Collection from ‘private’ to ‘visible to the group’. Of course you can revert back to ‘private’ anytime. Getting organised with your sounds is easy. And it can be collaborative too! Download the app for Android or iOS and try it for yourself. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Photo Credit Oleg Ivanov @Unsplash

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