Marking the Moments in Sounds

Want to make sense of a long recording? Mark important parts and add notes while listening? Look no further than Pins and Notes. Formerly known as ‘Key Moments’ we’ve updated these features so you can be efficient with your recordings.

Pin it

Upon starting your recording you’ll see that you can add Sound Notes or Pins to your recording both on Android and iOS. But how do they work? While you’re recording you might feel like marking an important moment in the sound. Simply ‘drop in a Pin’ with a single tap (no need to stop the recording!) and, if you wish, add in a quick note to describe what the Pin is about. Physical notes taking becomes a thing of the past as you’ll have everything in one place.

Adding Pins and Notes to your Sounds on Android and iOS

Easy Browsing

Pins help you browse between important parts of your recording. Be it in a lecture or while you’re in a meeting simply add a pin without interrupting the flow of the discussion. You know which point to reflect on as you marked the moment. Have you recorded a longer musical inspiration? Adding notes to the Pins will help you enrich the audio with context when sharing it with your band mates.

Browsing through your longer Sounds
Photo credit Timi David

Share the moment

Are you finding yourself recording a number of similar recordings – uni lectures, weekly team updates or band practice? Get organised with Collections and de-clutter your space. Collections are easy to create: once you’ve created a recording you tap on the three dots and choose “Add to Collections”. When organising sound simply go to ‘+’ button of your Collections tab.  What’s more, you can invite others to become ‘members’ of your Collection.

How to share your Collections with your network

That allows them to listen to your recording but more so, see your Pins and read your Notes. Perfect for if you’re sharing a class or a speaker event you’ve attended, but your friends and colleagues couldn’t join. 

Collaborate to Succeed

By amending the privacy settings in your Collections you allow chosen members of your network to not only join in, but also comment even adding their own sounds. Attending a training or discussing a group project couldn’t be easier. Instead of creating WhatsApp groups with multiple voice messages, you keep all those and comments in one place. Members of the group get notified anytime a new sound is added.

Attending training while staying present
Photo credit Austin Distel

Safe time and energy

Recording everyday moments will allow you to stay present with limited distraction. You can focus on what’s in front of you knowing that you can add a quick Note to mark important parts and listen back in your own time. Should you need to access your files you can do this from any device. Log into your account from your desktop for example presents you with a truly multi-platform experience. Download the Aroundsound app for Android and iOS now and get started with sound recording. You’ll be surprised how many moments you’ll quickly find yourself recording. 

Photo Credit Ezra-Jeffrey Comeau @ Unsplash

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