Top 10 reasons to record audio with Aroundsound

Why should you start audio recording we hear you ask? From working smarter not harder by making your commute to work ten times more efficient, to creating memories that last, we’re giving you the low-down of how exactly you can use Aroundsound to record on iPhone or Android to make the most of audio recording in your everyday. Spoiler: you’ll wonder how you managed without. 

1. Enhance your productivity

We all love to be that little bit more efficient with our time, being more organised, multi-tasking while excelling at our agile best. Enter audio recording to help with all that. Record and use just one tap to note important parts, so you can stay fully in the present, knowing Aroundsound has got your memory covered. Optimise every minute by adding Aroundsound to your Quick Settings Tile when using Android, or our widget for iOS, to record even when your phone is locked and to never miss a beat when going into a meeting.

Add Aroundsound to your Quick Settings Tile

Make smarter notes just by recording your meetings – pop in a Pin for longer recordings, add a note to a particularly important point and listen back in your own time. More so, you can suggest to attend a meeting on behalf of your team members and share the recording later on. 

Get organised with Collections to which you invite your team members. Every time you created a recording for that specific topic for example ‘Team Updates’, they’ll get notified and can comment in that Collection. As a team leader responsible for an international, perhaps remote team the fact that members can listen to updates can help misinterpreting written content. Are you attending many conferences? Rather than scribbling away, hit record and really tune into the presentation. Again you’ll be able to share the recordings with everyone – best use of everyone’s time and (the company’s) money.

Make team meetings much more efficient with audio recording

2. While at Uni

Not yet in a professional environment? Audio recording will reinvent how productive you are at university. Next time you’ll attend a lecture or are doing an interview for a research project, record it, knowing that you can fully concentrate on what’s being said. Create Collections per subject and share these with anyone in your course. Ideal for when a fellow student couldn’t attend. Studying for your next exam will be a walk in the park as you’ve got your recordings to go back to. Don’t forget to add a Pin as especially longer recordings will be much easier to navigate. 

Add Pins and Notes to your ongoing recording

3. Enhance your daily well being

As well as increasing productivity in your professional life, enhancing your personal well being couldn’t be of equally (if not greater) importance. Create daily recordings for the things you are or have been grateful for – it will help you reflect on the day and your achievements with so much more output and possibly relieve you of negative thoughts too. Want to become more mindful?  Enforce a habit, for example to meditate in the morning by taking a recording and setting a daily reminder. Another way to use this is to create a dream journal. Fearing you’d miss your favourite yoga class while travelling for work? Record the class and go through your practice by listening in your hotel room. 

4. Sound Professionals

From recording your musical ideas to jazz riffs to the next big hit: sound recording will help you keep track of it all. Improve your melodies, share your sounds with your band mates instantly and let them comment. If they’ve got the app they can add their own sounds into a Collection. Collaboration couldn’t be easier. As a sound engineer you’ll be effortlessly creating a bank of samples and be able to enrich them with plenty of metadata. Collaborate on sound design projects with clients and colleagues alike. 

Collaborate with ‘members’ of your Collections on musical ideas

5. Blogstars

Whether you’re starting out or calling yourself an influencer already, anything that can help with optimising your blog should be a Godsend. Capture your blog post ideas while on the go. Record yourself for your next YouTube clip to focus on what you say not only how you look. Planning to launch a podcast? Again just use Aroundsound as you can access your files on the web should you need it to upload into your blog. 

6. Life’s a stage

Make your next spoken word or poetry slam hit the ground running. Record your ideas and memorise your piece while on the go. Listen back to fine tune your speech performance. Are you working on a theater performance within a team? Again, bouncing off ideas especially over a long distance will avoid a long stream of voice messages in your WhatsApp group.

Make your next on stage performance the best

7. Teaching

Learn a language or improve your piano skills with audio recording. As a teacher you’ll be able to teach and improve your students not only locally but globally. Add a Pin with a note to where in the recording you’d like your student to pay particular attention to. With recordings you’re keeping a wonderful record of your journey through that Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. 

Track how you improve your skills with audio recording

8. Create memories that last

Time is our greatest resources and parents and grandparents alike will know too well how fast it is running out. Recording your child’s first words, bath time giggles or nursery rhymes will be moments you can treasure forever with sound recording. In fact, that’s how Aroundsound was founded. Grandparents will be able to record their own life story to pass on as well as bedtime stories and thus share moments with their grandchildren even when living far away. 

Create memories that last by recording life’s special moments

Friends will enjoy listening back to nights out full of laughter whenever they need a small pick me up. ‘Besties’ talks with your friend live in a different time zone will become a breeze as you can create a recording and add it to your ‘Bestie’s Collection. You’re friend gets notified and can respond anytime. 

9. Travel- and Holiday-scapes

Next time you’re travelling think about the sounds of cities and buskers. Your memories will come to life differently if not much more intense. Enhance any picture you’ve taken of a place by adding the soundscapes you create when visiting Istanbul or New York. Make holidays with your children much more fun when listening back to the crunchy sounds of their feet in the sandy beach or the splash of fun in the pool.

10. Sounds around you

We often hear people say that “it smells of spring” or that they can hear a specific type of bird. Capturing bird calls and other animal sounds is an amazing way to tune in to one’s surrounding when in the outdoors. However don’t underestimate the amazing sound a city has to offer: buzzling cars, trains, trams and planes are only a small selection of the rich acoustics around you. Sample water, wind or rain, or create a spooky Halloween Collection with sounds of lightning and a squeaky door. 

Capture the sounds around you with instant audio recording

Whatever you do, just get started today. Simply download the Aroundsound app for Android and iOS and try audio recording. Once you get into it, you’ll find plenty more reasons for why you want to continue. Please share you ideas and feedback with us at

Photo credit Kari Shea @Unsplash

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