Audio Recording at university with Vladimir

The start of university is a new chapter in life, one you may want to try new things to get a head start. While old-fashioned pen and paper note taking might work for you, others are turning increasingly to their smartphones to do the hard work for them.

Smart tech at uni

A recent study found that over 96% of Americans now own a smartphone, so it’s now surprise that Valdimir one of our early supporters, mastering in Biomedical Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy), is doing just that: he’s been using the Aroundsound to capture his university lectures.

After studying at the Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, he moved to Turin to start his Masters degree. Upon arriving in Turin he soon learnt that the pace of his study is much faster there.

“Here [in Turin] it’s more concentrated, there is more to do in less time. It was at the start of the year when I first arrived many colleagues recorded their lessons and told me that it was very useful to them so I tried it too and it was indeed very useful to me.”

So in order to keep up with the pace, he turned to audio recording with Aroundsound.  “That’s why I needed something to better recount the lessons.” The ability to capture audio instantly by customising his Android Quick Settings Tile got Vladimir hooked. Whenever he attends a lecture he’d simply takes out the phone, hits record without the need to unlock it. He finds that “for university that’s more comfortable and so easy to use.”

Quick Settings Tile to record when the phone is locked

Be a productivity ninja

Vladimir adds Pins while the recording is ongoing, knowing that by marking a specific point in time he knows which point to pay special attention to when listening back at home. He typically renames his recordings the latest when he’s at home to find his recordings more easily. He takes about two or three in a day so naming his recordings is key to adding structure. He might also crop recordings to keep only the essential bits. More so, he uses Aroundsound to share the content of the lecture with his fellow students if they’ve missed the lecture. Often there would be an exam 3 Months later “I can’t remember the beginning so I will listen to all my recordings from start to finish” almost recreating the lecture at home which proves essential to him. 

Vladimir and many other students using Aroundsound show how technology not only helps to be fully present when attending lectures; it allows to collaborate with fellow students and encourages self-paced learning which makes audio recording a highly inclusive tool. As a foreign student, you’ll be enjoying your lecture stress-free aware that you can take as much time post lesson to digest the recorded information at your own pace. Enriching your recordings with Pins and Notes or organising them into Collection are great ways to customise the app in a way that’s most productive for you.

Record lectures, study at your pace

Be it lectures, group-study projects or your next research assignment: making audio notes enables you to lean back knowing that incomprehensive scribbles are a thing of the past. Start making smarter notes with audio recording and download the Aroundsound app on Android or iOS to never miss an important update. 
Have you been using Aroundsound for audio recording at university? We’d love to hear your story! Email us at

Photo Credit Nicole Honeywill @Unsplash

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