How sounds can help improve your focus and sleep

We’re excited to update you on the latest additions to our Public Sound Collections. We introduced these themed sound collections as a source of inspiration as to which sounds you could record in your every day. Many of our users told us that Collections like the Wonderous Waters or Nature Sounds from Andalusia have helped them to be more focused at work or improve their sleep. So it’s about time for us to make some exciting new sounds available.

Increase productivity with nature’s sounds

These days, finding a place to think and getting things done can be very hard whether you’re working from home, in an open plan office or you’re simply surrounded by noisy children. When it feels that the whole world decided to distract you with noise the solution might be: to combat the noise with sound. Especially sounds from nature have been found to have a relaxing and productivity enhancing effect on workers.

As sound preferences differ, we took the opportunity to create collections based on sounds provided by Aroundsound fans and partner, sound editor Rick Blything got us hooked with his rich Sounds from Costa Rica. Listen here to the soothing droplets of the rainforest.

Soothing sounds of nature
Image by Raphael Menesclo @Unsplash

Others however prefer the opposite and enter a state of focus using white noise which can include a wide range of sounds. Our new Collection “Guess the Sound” offers one such variety: with sounds like galloping horses or a NASA space shuttle lift off anyone can find a moment of background noise cancellation by deciding which noises to focus on. 

Extraordinary soundscapes
SpaceX by NASA @Unsplash

Sleep better with Binaural Beats

Modern times have impacted not only our working lives but have blurred the lines between office and home in as much that people find it increasingly difficult to fall asleep. A research team at Stanford showed that music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention so one could argue that using white noise or any other background noise helps you to pay attention to counting those sheep rather than follow your wandering (or perhaps worrying) thoughts back to what keeps you awake.

Improve your sleep with gentle background noise
Image by Kinga Cichewicz @Unsplash

Binaural beats have been a hotly discussed topic lately and no wonder as it’s capacity to move you into a deep state of relaxation is fascinating. Experts suggest that the technology harnesses the brain’s responsiveness to sound which helps you lower anxiety and improve sleep. As many users confirmed, we’ve created a collection that consists of longer recordings including this binaural beach sound to help you transition into a relaxed state whenever you need to.

Whether you want to be more productive or simply improve your sleep, download the Aroundsound app for Android and iOS to create the sound environment that you need. Let us know which sounds help you focus or make you fall asleep more easily at

Photo credit Gregory Pappas via Unsplash

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