Why these are the best sounds of spring and how you can record them

The season that breaks the bitterness of winter is truly magical. From buzzing bees to singing birds, we pulled together the most iconic sounds that make us feel it’s finally springtime. Go out, enjoy the sun and record the sounds!

Enjoy the outdoors by noticing the sounds around you.
Image by Madison Nickel via Unspslash

Nature Awakens

With the sun finally poking out behind dark clouds so does the nature around you: everywhere we go, the chirping sound of birds can be heard. Research at the University of Surrey looked at the impact of birdsong in people’s lives and it’s calming effects compared to more urban soundscapes. Listen to the joyful chorus of birds in our latest Sound Collection. Notice how these sounds make you feel.

Little birds with powerful voices.
Image by Will Bolding via Unsplash

Can’t get enough of bird songs? Then listen to the Sound Collection on British Birds

Cheryl Tipp natural sound curator at the British Library agrees on the relaxing effect, but suggests that we may differ in what would constitute our favourite sound to soothe our busy minds. For some it’s the tinkling of a stream, the deep sea or binaural beach sounds.

Binaural Beach Sounds in Greece.
Image by LLoyd Dirks via Unsplash

Take inspiration from small moments

During spring, one’s commute to work or a walk in the park suddenly seems less rushed. Most people start to slow down the pace and so allow themselves to notice their surroundings. Audio discoveries can now be made with the best moments being those that appear unimportant at first.

We’ve captured our favourites the busy buzz of honeybees, the hustling of the wind and a mighty rain shower as seasonal highlights. More so, with Easter being a spring holiday for many, we’ve included the unique bleating of lambs as a sign that spring has finally arrived. 

Busy bees create a warm soundscape in spring.
Image by David Clode via Unsplash

Be a Sound Catcher

Many listeners feel inspired to notice their environment more closely and capture their unique experience with Aroundsound. Record the soundscape of where you live, the sound of the birds in your garden or children laughing while hunting Easter eggs. With the touch of a button on iOS and Android you can catch moments that matter to you. Take advantage of creating aural memories led by the beautiful season of spring.

Pause and record the sounds around you.
Image by Tim Gouw via Unsplash

Have we missed a spring sound? Let us know which one so we can add it to the Sounds of Spring Collection

Photo credit Alisa Anton via Unsplash

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