Go paperless with audio greeting cards

Girl creating her audio greeting card with Aroundsound

It may be easier than you think to go paperless and do your bit for the environment. Be it at home or at work, channeling your digital skills to support the eco-movement this year comes easy with our seasonal audio cards.

How to have a green Christmas

According to Andy Williams, it’s “the most wonderful time of the year” yet without taking the time to reflect your good intentions to become more environmentally aware, may quickly turn into wasteful wishful thinking. You may be in the midst of being torn between sending personal messages to friends and family who live elsewhere and reducing your paper consumption but worry not: create bespoke audio greeting cards with Aroundsound by adding the respective hashtag and you won’t miss out on spreading the end of year love.

Create Audio Greetings with Aroundsound

How to make your audio greeting cards

We like things to be easy so here are the simple steps to creating your e-card with Aroundsound:

  1. Open the app on Android or iOS and hit record
  2. For the Christmas theme simply add #xmas, #Christmas or #holidays to your title, for New Year’s it will be NewYear, #HappyNewYear or #HappyNewYear2020 – the hashtag will trigger the festive theme respectively (truly magical)
  3. Share with friends and family, upon them opening the link you sent they’ll be listening to your lovely message while looking at the seasonal backdrop to the recording
Continue with paperless intentions using audio cards

Reducing waste by sending personalised voice messages that are also appealing to look at is a winning strategy. If you then also think about the time saved quickly producing and instantly sharing your recording, you’d soon wonder how you’d done without audio greeting cards before. No more queuing at the post office or buying stamps. Sit down one afternoon or record a message on the go – by simply adding one of the hashtags you’ll turn your already warm wishes into a pretty one while doing something for the environment. What’s not to like?

Going paperless at home or at work

Besides the seasonal appeal, how many times have you thought that pile of paper bills and documents gives you the creeps? While you’d still need paper documents like your birth or company certificate you may find that for most parts of your personal and professional life audio records work just as well if not better. Record your to-do and shopping list, record messages for the family and add to them to your family Collection – members will be notified of new recordings and can comment; same applies for your work context. Instead of keeping your written diary start recording your thoughts anytime, anywhere. There are so many good (and productivity enhancing) reasons for using audio recording in your everyday life. Hit record and ditch the notepad during meetings.

Recording your audio card on the go with Aroundsound

There’s a plethora of simple yet effective ways to remove paper from your life, starting with audio recording and documenting. Feel like giving it a try? Be your green best this year and download the Aroundsound app for Android and iOS to create your bespoke audio greeting card. Going paperless couldn’t be more straightforward.

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Audio Recording at university with Vladimir

The start of university is a new chapter in life, one you may want to try new things to get a head start. While old-fashioned pen and paper note taking might work for you, others are turning increasingly to their smartphones to do the hard work for them.

Smart tech at uni

A recent study found that over 96% of Americans* now own a smartphone, so it’s now surprise that Valdimir one of our early supporters, mastering in Biomedical Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy), is doing just that: he’s been using the Aroundsound to capture his university lectures.

After studying at the Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, he moved to Turin to start his Masters degree. Upon arriving in Turin he soon learnt that the pace of his study is much faster there.

“Here [in Turin] it’s more concentrated, there is more to do in less time. It was at the start of the year when I first arrived many colleagues recorded their lessons and told me that it was very useful to them so I tried it too and it was indeed very useful to me.”

So in order to keep up with the pace, he turned to audio recording with Aroundsound.  “That’s why I needed something to better recount the lessons.” The ability to capture audio instantly by customising his Android Quick Settings Tile got Vladimir hooked. Whenever he attends a lecture he’d simply takes out the phone, hits record without the need to unlock it. He finds that “for university that’s more comfortable and so easy to use.”

Be a productivity ninja

Vladimir adds Pins while the recording is ongoing, knowing that by marking a specific point in time he knows which point to pay special attention to when listening back at home. He typically renames his recordings the latest when he’s at home to find his recordings more easily. He takes about two or three in a day so naming his recordings is key to adding structure. He might also crop recordings to keep only the essential bits. More so, he uses Aroundsound to share the content of the lecture with his fellow students if they’ve missed the lecture. Often there would be an exam 3 Months later “I can’t remember the beginning so I will listen to all my recordings from start to finish” almost recreating the lecture at home which proves essential to him. 

Vladimir and many other students using Aroundsound show how technology not only helps to be fully present when attending lectures; it allows to collaborate with fellow students and encourages self-paced learning which makes audio recording a highly inclusive tool. As a foreign student, you’ll be enjoying your lecture stress-free aware that you can take as much time post lesson to digest the recorded information at your own pace. Enriching your recordings with Pins and Notes or organising them into Collection are great ways to customise the app in a way that’s most productive for you.

Record lectures, study at your pace

Be it lectures, group-study projects or your next research assignment: making audio notes enables you to lean back knowing that incomprehensive scribbles are a thing of the past. Start making smarter notes with audio recording and download the Aroundsound app on Android or iOS to never miss an important update. 
Have you been using Aroundsound for audio recording at university? We’d love to hear your story! Email us at feedback@aroundsound.com

*Source: https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/fact-sheet/mobile/
Photo Credit Nicole Honeywill @Unsplash

Top 10 reasons to record audio with Aroundsound

Why should you start audio recording we hear you ask? From working smarter not harder by making your commute to work ten times more efficient, to creating memories that last, we’re giving you the low-down of how exactly you can use Aroundsound to record on iPhone or Android to make the most of audio recording in your everyday. Spoiler: you’ll wonder how you managed without. 

1. Enhance your productivity

We all love to be that little bit more efficient with our time, being more organised, multi-tasking while excelling at our agile best. Enter audio recording to help with all that. Record and use just one tap to note important parts, so you can stay fully in the present, knowing Aroundsound has got your memory covered. Optimise every minute by adding Aroundsound to your Quick Settings Tile when using Android, or our widget for iOS, to record even when your phone is locked and to never miss a beat when going into a meeting.

Add Aroundsound to your Quick Settings Tile

Make smarter notes just by recording your meetings – pop in a Pin for longer recordings, add a note to a particularly important point and listen back in your own time. More so, you can suggest to attend a meeting on behalf of your team members and share the recording later on. 

Get organised with Collections to which you invite your team members. Every time you created a recording for that specific topic for example ‘Team Updates’, they’ll get notified and can comment in that Collection. As a team leader responsible for an international, perhaps remote team the fact that members can listen to updates can help misinterpreting written content. Are you attending many conferences? Rather than scribbling away, hit record and really tune into the presentation. Again you’ll be able to share the recordings with everyone – best use of everyone’s time and (the company’s) money.

Make team meetings much more efficient with audio recording

2. While at Uni

Not yet in a professional environment? Audio recording will reinvent how productive you are at university. Next time you’ll attend a lecture or are doing an interview for a research project, record it, knowing that you can fully concentrate on what’s being said. Create Collections per subject and share these with anyone in your course. Ideal for when a fellow student couldn’t attend. Studying for your next exam will be a walk in the park as you’ve got your recordings to go back to. Don’t forget to add a Pin as especially longer recordings will be much easier to navigate. 

Add Pins and Notes to your ongoing recording

3. Enhance your daily well being

As well as increasing productivity in your professional life, enhancing your personal well being couldn’t be of equally (if not greater) importance. Create daily recordings for the things you are or have been grateful for – it will help you reflect on the day and your achievements with so much more output and possibly relieve you of negative thoughts too. Want to become more mindful?  Enforce a habit, for example to meditate in the morning by taking a recording and setting a daily reminder. Another way to use this is to create a dream journal. Fearing you’d miss your favourite yoga class while travelling for work? Record the class and go through your practice by listening in your hotel room. 

4. Sound Professionals

From recording your musical ideas to jazz riffs to the next big hit: sound recording will help you keep track of it all. Improve your melodies, share your sounds with your band mates instantly and let them comment. If they’ve got the app they can add their own sounds into a Collection. Collaboration couldn’t be easier. As a sound engineer you’ll be effortlessly creating a bank of samples and be able to enrich them with plenty of metadata. Collaborate on sound design projects with clients and colleagues alike. 

Collaborate with ‘members’ of your Collections on musical ideas

5. Blogstars

Whether you’re starting out or calling yourself an influencer already, anything that can help with optimising your blog should be a Godsend. Capture your blog post ideas while on the go. Record yourself for your next YouTube clip to focus on what you say not only how you look. Planning to launch a podcast? Again just use Aroundsound as you can access your files on the web should you need it to upload into your blog. 

6. Life’s a stage

Make your next spoken word or poetry slam hit the ground running. Record your ideas and memorise your piece while on the go. Listen back to fine tune your speech performance. Are you working on a theater performance within a team? Again, bouncing off ideas especially over a long distance will avoid a long stream of voice messages in your WhatsApp group.

Make your next on stage performance the best

7. Teaching

Learn a language or improve your piano skills with audio recording. As a teacher you’ll be able to teach and improve your students not only locally but globally. Add a Pin with a note to where in the recording you’d like your student to pay particular attention to. With recordings you’re keeping a wonderful record of your journey through that Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. 

Track how you improve your skills with audio recording

8. Create memories that last

Time is our greatest resources and parents and grandparents alike will know too well how fast it is running out. Recording your child’s first words, bath time giggles or nursery rhymes will be moments you can treasure forever with sound recording. In fact, that’s how Aroundsound was founded. Grandparents will be able to record their own life story to pass on as well as bedtime stories and thus share moments with their grandchildren even when living far away. 

Create memories that last by recording life’s special moments

Friends will enjoy listening back to nights out full of laughter whenever they need a small pick me up. ‘Besties’ talks with your friend live in a different time zone will become a breeze as you can create a recording and add it to your ‘Bestie’s Collection. You’re friend gets notified and can respond anytime. 

9. Travel- and Holiday-scapes

Next time you’re travelling think about the sounds of cities and buskers. Your memories will come to life differently if not much more intense. Enhance any picture you’ve taken of a place by adding the soundscapes you create when visiting Istanbul or New York. Make holidays with your children much more fun when listening back to the crunchy sounds of their feet in the sandy beach or the splash of fun in the pool.

10. Sounds around you

We often hear people say that “it smells of spring” or that they can hear a specific type of bird. Capturing bird calls and other animal sounds is an amazing way to tune in to one’s surrounding when in the outdoors. However don’t underestimate the amazing sound a city has to offer: buzzling cars, trains, trams and planes are only a small selection of the rich acoustics around you. Sample water, wind or rain, or create a spooky Halloween Collection with sounds of lightning and a squeaky door. 

Capture the sounds around you with instant audio recording

Whatever you do, just get started today. Simply download the Aroundsound app for Android and iOS and try audio recording. Once you get into it, you’ll find plenty more reasons for why you want to continue. Please share you ideas and feedback with us at feedback@aroundsound.com

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Marking the Moments in Sounds

Want to make sense of a long recording? Mark important parts and add notes while listening? Look no further than Pins and Notes. Formerly known as ‘Key Moments’ we’ve updated these features so you can be efficient with your recordings.

Pin it

Upon starting your recording you’ll see that you can add Sound Notes or Pins to your recording both on Android and iOS. But how do they work? While you’re recording you might feel like marking an important moment in the sound. Simply ‘drop in a Pin’ with a single tap (no need to stop the recording!) and, if you wish, add in a quick note to describe what the Pin is about. Physical notes taking becomes a thing of the past as you’ll have everything in one place.

Adding Pins and Notes to your Sounds on Android and iOS

Easy Browsing

Pins help you browse between important parts of your recording. Be it in a lecture or while you’re in a meeting simply add a pin without interrupting the flow of the discussion. You know which point to reflect on as you marked the moment. Have you recorded a longer musical inspiration? Adding notes to the Pins will help you enrich the audio with context when sharing it with your band mates.

Browsing through your longer Sounds
Photo credit Timi David

Share the moment

Are you finding yourself recording a number of similar recordings – uni lectures, weekly team updates or band practice? Get organised with Collections and de-clutter your space. Collections are easy to create: once you’ve created a recording you tap on the three dots and choose “Add to Collections”. When organising sound simply go to ‘+’ button of your Collections tab.  What’s more, you can invite others to become ‘members’ of your Collection.

How to share your Collections with your network

That allows them to listen to your recording but more so, see your Pins and read your Notes. Perfect for if you’re sharing a class or a speaker event you’ve attended, but your friends and colleagues couldn’t join. 

Collaborate to Succeed

By amending the privacy settings in your Collections you allow chosen members of your network to not only join in, but also comment even adding their own sounds. Attending a training or discussing a group project couldn’t be easier. Instead of creating WhatsApp groups with multiple voice messages, you keep all those and comments in one place. Members of the group get notified anytime a new sound is added.

Attending training while staying present
Photo credit Austin Distel

Safe time and energy

Recording everyday moments will allow you to stay present with limited distraction. You can focus on what’s in front of you knowing that you can add a quick Note to mark important parts and listen back in your own time. Should you need to access your files you can do this from any device. Log into your account from your desktop for example presents you with a truly multi-platform experience. Download the Aroundsound app for Android and iOS now and get started with sound recording. You’ll be surprised how many moments you’ll quickly find yourself recording. 

Photo Credit Ezra-Jeffrey Comeau @ Unsplash

How to get organised with Sound Collections

Capture and organise sounds with collections

You’ve got lots of loose recordings, but you’re unsure what to do? How to de-clutter your stream of sounds? Let’s get you organised with Collections so you can get the most out of your audio recordings.

A place for everything, and everything in its place

As a good old saying by Mrs Beeton goes, there is a place for all your recordings or what we call Collections. A Collection is a place in Aroundsound where you can organise your recordings in a way that makes intuitive sense to you. You might like to think of Collections as an album of topic related sounds e.g. bedtime stories, lessons and lectures, musical notes or work related sounds.

Colourful Collections of sounds

For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned

Whether you’re going through your recent sounds or starting out recording, a Collection is created as easily as giving your recording a title. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Collections tab and hit the ‘+’ button
  • You can ‘add sounds’ directly from that new Collection, or you can select a recording directly from the sounds tab
  • Tap on the menu and then choose ‘add to a Collection’
  • Alternatively, when you create a recording, tab on the three dots on the right – “Add to Collection” is one of your options
Audio recordings in a Collection in the Aroundsound App
Get organised with audio Collections

Aroundsound also provides ‘Smart Collections, which are auto-filled with relevant sounds. Just now you will find one for any sounds that have been shared with you called ‘Incoming’ and another for sounds you have shared called ‘Shared’.

How many things are there I do not want?

While you’re busy organising your audio recordings you may realise you’ve got too many of the same sounding laughs and words or acoustic inspiration for your musical practice. Hit delete and make space in your storage for available synced minutes. Likewise, you can trim or crop a recording to keep (and share) the best bit. Our handy how-to guide can give you further ideas to optimise your sounds.

Getting organised with your sounds

Collaborate with Collections

In some cases you’re being organised just for your own piece of mind. However, in many ways there is the option to share a Collection with others – friends and family, band mates or colleagues from work. Try this: when you invite others to your Collection they become a member and can comment and add their own sounds.

What’s more – members that joined can be notified when you add a new sound. It’s a collaborative tool allowing you to share efficiently and securely.  When you’re ready to share and thus invite others to join your Collection, you’ll be asked to set the current status of the Collection from ‘private’ to ‘visible to the group’. Of course you can revert back to ‘private’ anytime. Getting organised with your sounds is easy. And it can be collaborative too! Download the app for Android or iOS and try it for yourself. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Photo Credit Oleg Ivanov @Unsplash

How to customise your Quick Settings Tile

Hit record even when your phone is locked. Sounds too good to be true? With Aroundsound you can do just that. We’ve put together a short guide on how to customise your Quick Settings Tile so you can record with one swipe and tap.

What is a Quick Settings Tile?

You may already be familiar with quickly checking your phone’s battery level or sending your phone into airplane mode, but not knows that you can customize the menu. Quick Settings Tiles are powerful additions to Android, if your running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later versions. 

There are two Quick Settings Tiles that you can add with Aroundsound:

  • Start (and stopping) a recording
  • Add a Key Moment to the recording
Quick Settings Tile on Android

Why are Quick Settings Tiles powerful?

With Aroundsound’s Quick Settings Tile you can start a new recording with just one tap. You can follow the steps below or fast track the set up and watch this video. Whether you’re listening to the sounds of birds in your neighbourhood or happen to pass by some brilliant buskers –  it’s the fastest way possible to start a recording and stay in the moment even if the device is locked down.

Capture Sounds of Buskers with Aroundsound

How do I add a quick settings tile to Android?

Quick Settings Tiles give you easy access to specific actions like switching your phone on silent, WIFI or airplane more. However it’s not evident how you can customise this part of your phone.

To add Aroundsound’s Quick Settings Tiles follow these simple steps:

  • Fully slide down the Quick Settings bar  
  • Tap the pencil icon (or if you have a Samsung device, the 3 dot icon) to start editing your Quick Tile Settings
  • Scroll down or sideways to find the tile you want to add
  • To add a tile, drag it up to the active tiles

Alternatively and if you’ve got a Samsung device check out this video. Lastly, also check the “Recording with one tap” description directly in the app. Please visit the “More” tap, then under the “Help” section, you’ll find “Recording with one tap” which entails plenty of screenshots.

Music being played on an electrical piano.
Recording music lessons with Aroundsound

Sound recording made easy

Capturing your everyday using sound is an exciting way to engage with the world around you. You might be a music teacher familiar with recording or already enjoying compiling sounds of your everyday such as your summer sounds ; for those who are new to sound recording our app has made it easy on both Android and iOS to hit record with one tab and share these sounds with your friends and family. If you’re still a little unsure then check out our short guide for how to get the most out of our app. Try and record a sound next time you’d want to take a picture.

Photo credit James Prestion @Unsplash

The Sound Of Summer

Is it a seagull’s squawk, the gentle sweep of a wave along a sandy beach or your children jumping joyfully into the hotel’s pool? In this post we’ve asked our sound artist and advisor Rick Blything about his ultimate sound of the summer this year.

Summer of Sounds

This year more than any other summer Rick has been in the right location to eagerly await the arrival of the Swifts. For those less familiar with its features, the Swift is a short-legged very fast flying animal that can spent most part of the year in continuous flight. Apart from childhood memories of hot dry summers and the sight and sound of them high above his garden, Rick’s not been in the right place.

Listening to the sounds of your everyday
Listening to the sounds of your everyday
Photo credit Joyce Huis @ Unsplash

Summer Tunes

This year however, in early May Rick was thrilled to hear them arrive from their long journey from Africa to the UK. Rick placed his microphones out of his bedroom window for a few mornings and created this miniature soundscape.

Can your hear how the high pitched screams come and go. First they appear almost hesitant, then suddenly they become louder and more forceful. As they come and go their sounds are interspersed with the everyday city sounds like that of a police siren. A summer of sounds enjoyed in the urban environment can be as beautiful an experience as capturing birds in their natural habitat. It’s one of those moments in which you pause and let the acoustics delight your senses; a way to simply let sounds inspire your everyday life.

Screaming Summer

Since then the screamers have been screeching and wheeling above and over his house throughout the days of summer. Mind you, these feathered creatures are known to form proper ‘screaming parties’. For Rick however, this peculiar calling right above his city centre house has really become his favourite sound of summer. How about your favourite sound of summer? Instead of birds, have the sounds of water along a local or far flung coastline created the perfect summer sound for you? 

Sounds of Swifts in the everyday
Sounds of summer captured in your everyday.
Photo credit Eduard Militaru @ Unsplash

Soundtrack Your summer

Whichever sound it may be, we hope to have encouraged you to get out into the open and record your favourite everyday sound of summer. You’ll have to be quick to catch the Swifts though as most have already left for France or Spain and they tend to reach central Africa by mid August. Not sure how to start recording? We’ve got you covered. Simply download the Aroundsound app for iOS or Android and check out our short guide to get the best out of capturing the sounds of your everyday.

Photo credit Bruno Martins @ Unsplash

How sound can inspire your life

Sound can inspire your life

Sound is special, sound is powerful yet not everyone is full of inspiration as to what to notice in everyday life never mind what to record. For this reason, we’ve put together a collection of themed sounds from bird calls to underwater recordings that can inspire you to start noticing the world around in new ways.

The Power of Sound

Have you ever wondered what makes music so powerful? Why we’re touched by the sound of instruments and voices? We don’t just perceive sound through our ears, but through our entire bodies. Now, when you start to focus on sound in everyday life – not just music – but the sounds you encounter on busy streets in New York while in the outdoors listening to bird calls or on the playground with happy children all around you, you notice the sounds will make you laugh or cry, smile or frown.

New York Street Sounds
Photo credit Joshua Earle @Unsplash


At Aroundsound we believe in the power of sound – it’s ability to connect us deeper with the world around us. While our senses coexist, the visual takes the lead in our fast paced times. Memories captured using the audio instead could invite us to sharpen our listening skills and potentially intensify and experience when relieved listening to it. But how?

Imagine yourself travelling in Spain’s countryside and being surrounded by the beautiful sound of birds like sound artist Rick Blything. You could take a picture of the scenery yet when you’d look at the images later you’d miss the sonic experience. How about if you’d had taken a sound recording with your smartphone instead?

Birds in the sky
Capture the sounds of birds
Photo credit Mehdi Sepehri @ Unsplash

That sounds good

You’re not a sound artist so how does this relate to you? That’s simple: imagine your everyday from the perspective of sound (unless it’s related to your profession) how is it different? What sounds would you record to tell others about the world around you?

That’s why we have created public collections. Our public collections are themed collections of sounds or sound effects provided by Aroundsound fans and partners that you can listen to and that we think will encourage you to:

  • Listen to the world around you instead of predominantly seeing it
  • Make you curious about how sound affects your life and thus awareness
  • It may make you interact with nature, people, buildings or even history differently

A public collection can simply help you to fall asleep or make you aware that the deep blue sea has intricate sounds you wouldn’t necessarily become introduced to otherwise. 

Deep Sea
Deep Sea Sounds
Photo Credit Sarah Lee @Unsplash

Just get started

For those new to sound recording let us reassure you that it’s simple as 1,2,3 – just hit record on the Aroundsound app on Android or iOS (pros will use the widget), give your recording a title (description if you like) and that’s it. More often than not you may want to share the recording with your friend as you would with a picture. Why not let everyone know about the brilliant buskers you’ve just discovered by chance?

There are plenty of ways how to live the present and record special events for later. One of our fans Liz has traveled to India and laid down this mesmerising soundtrack. She was able to capture and relive this moment together with her friends and family. 

Now that you know the moments of sound inspiration and also how to capture these special everyday events, you’re ready to hit record. Still unsure? Then check out our short guide to get the best out of your recordings. Happy listening!

Photo credit Mohammad Metri @ Unsplash