Go paperless with audio greeting cards

It may be easier than you think to go paperless and do your bit for the environment. Be it at home or at work, channeling your digital skills to support the eco-movement this year comes easy – just turn a recording into an audio card. Message for Mum Flowers, chocolate and of course greeting cardsContinue reading “Go paperless with audio greeting cards”

Top 10 reasons to record audio with Aroundsound

Why should you start audio recording we hear you ask? From working smarter not harder by making your commute to work ten times more efficient, to creating memories that last, we’re giving you the low-down of how exactly you can use Aroundsound to record on iPhone or Android to make the most of audio recordingContinue reading “Top 10 reasons to record audio with Aroundsound”

Marking the Moments in Sounds

Want to make sense of a long recording? Mark important parts and add notes while listening? Look no further than Pins and Notes. Formerly known as ‘Key Moments’ we’ve updated these features so you can be efficient with your recordings. Pin it Upon starting your recording you’ll see that you can add Sound Notes orContinue reading “Marking the Moments in Sounds”

How to get organised with Sound Collections

You’ve got lots of loose recordings, but you’re unsure what to do? How to de-clutter your stream of sounds? Let’s get you organised with Collections so you can get the most out of your audio recordings. A place for everything, and everything in its place As a good old saying by Mrs Beeton goes, thereContinue reading “How to get organised with Sound Collections”

How to customise your Quick Settings Tile

Hit record even when your phone is locked. Sounds too good to be true? With Aroundsound you can do just that. We’ve put together a short guide on how to customise your Quick Settings Tile so you can record with one swipe and tap. What is a Quick Settings Tile? You may already be familiarContinue reading “How to customise your Quick Settings Tile”