How sound can inspire your life

Sound is special, sound is powerful yet not everyone is full of inspiration as to what to notice in everyday life never mind what to record. For this reason, we’ve put together a collection of themed sounds from bird calls to underwater recordings that can inspire you to start noticing the world around in newContinue reading “How sound can inspire your life”

Aroundsound gets even better with Shared Collections

Collaborate on recordings, share and discuss ideas with friends and family. This easy to use feature connects you and your network through sound. Sharing is caring As Aroundsound grows we’ve seen more people who want to create collections or albums of sounds and share those with others. Examples include bedtime stories (recorded by a granddadContinue reading “Aroundsound gets even better with Shared Collections”

Record your favourite bedtime stories for your grandchild

Imagine your grandchild listening to your favourite bed times stories when you were a child or even their mum or dad’s favourite story. Aroundsound lets you easily record, save and share bedtime stories with your grandchildren. All it takes is for you to choose the stories you want to record, maybe you want to recordContinue reading “Record your favourite bedtime stories for your grandchild”