Liz’s Incredible India Travels

Liz started using the Aroundsound app to record memories with her two young girls and cherishes these recordings.

Not long after starting to use the app, Liz went on a trip with her sister to a wedding in India. This was going to be a trip of a lifetime for them both and Liz wanted to capture this in different ways, so she used the Aroundsound app to compliment her photos and videos.

Liz used the app while in India to capture many special experiences, that were as much about the sounds as the sights. “India is all about the hit to the senses and capturing the echoing morning prayer, the crazy-loud city streets and all the singing and music has been brilliant!”

Liz realised that capturing the sound of a place made her appreciate sound in a whole new way, and how capturing a sound only memory is very different to taking a picture or video.

“I found myself really focusing in on the sound of a place which I haven’t done before. It really changed the attention of a new moment from always being about visuals and capturing them through photography to also listening and recognising this sound is a really important part of a new experience.”

Liz also loved how the non-intrusive nature of the app allowed her to capture a very special memory from an experience during which she didn’t want to be watching being a screen or holding up her phone to video.

“I recorded the wedding we went to in India for the bride and sent her the sounds afterwards. I love how non-intrusive the app is. Just press one button and lock your phone and you can forget you’re recording and just go back to it later. I wouldn’t video record a scene with people in as it feels rude but a sound recording feels fine as they’re just part of the background hum!”

Once Liz was home she shared the sound recording of the wedding with the bride to add to her treasured memories of the day. She also sent her sister sound recordings of their memories together in India along with photos and videos of their holiday together. She loved it and said having a sound blast from a holiday really captures how you feel when you’re there.

The Aroundsound app gave Liz and her sister sound recordings that they will be able to replay and relive their incredible India trip forever.

It’s really easy to get started recording and create the soundtrack for your travels. Just download Aroundsound here for iPhone or download Aroundsound here for Android, and when you’re in that special place, hit the big red record button. You can rename and trim when you’re done and create your own collections, adding any of your recordings, then share easily with loved ones. The don’t need to have the app to listen, but if they do they can comment on collections and be notified any time you add a new story!

Published by Rachel Evatt

Rachel is the co-founder of Aroundsound, an app for recording and sharing sound, and is the joint owner of Sunart Fields in Derbyshire, an ecological restoration project.

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