How sound can inspire your life

Sound can inspire your life

Sound is special, sound is powerful yet not everyone is full of inspiration as to what to notice in everyday life never mind what to record. For this reason, we’ve put together a collection of themed sounds from bird calls to underwater recordings that can inspire you to start noticing the world around in new ways.

The Power of Sound

Have you ever wondered what makes music so powerful? Why we’re touched by the sound of instruments and voices? We don’t just perceive sound through our ears, but through our entire bodies. Now, when you start to focus on sound in everyday life – not just music – but the sounds you encounter on busy streets in New York while in the outdoors listening to bird calls or on the playground with happy children all around you, you notice the sounds will make you laugh or cry, smile or frown.

New York Street Sounds
Photo credit Joshua Earle @Unsplash


At Aroundsound we believe in the power of sound – it’s ability to connect us deeper with the world around us. While our senses coexist, the visual takes the lead in our fast paced times. Memories captured using the audio instead could invite us to sharpen our listening skills and potentially intensify and experience when relieved listening to it. But how?

Imagine yourself travelling in Spain’s countryside and being surrounded by the beautiful sound of birds like sound artist Rick Blything. You could take a picture of the scenery yet when you’d look at the images later you’d miss the sonic experience. How about if you’d had taken a sound recording with your smartphone instead?

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

That sounds good

You’re not a sound artist so how does this relate to you? That’s simple: imagine your everyday from the perspective of sound (unless it’s related to your profession) how is it different? What sounds would you record to tell others about the world around you?

That’s why we have created public collections. Our Public Collections are themed collections of sounds or sound effects provided by Aroundsound fans and partners that you can listen to and that we think will encourage you to:

  • Listen to the world around you instead of predominantly seeing it
  • Make you curious about how sound affects your life and thus awareness
  • It may make you interact with nature, people, buildings or even history differently

A public collection can simply help you to fall asleep or make you aware that the deep blue sea has intricate sounds you wouldn’t necessarily become introduced to otherwise. 

Deep Sea
Deep Sea Sounds
Photo Credit Sarah Lee @Unsplash

Just get started

For those new to sound recording let us reassure you that it’s simple as 1,2,3 – just hit record on the Aroundsound app on Android or iOS (pros will use the widget), give your recording a title (description if you like) and that’s it. More often than not you may want to share the recording with your friend as you would with a picture. Why not let everyone know about the brilliant buskers you’ve just discovered by chance?

There are plenty of ways how to live the present and record special events for later. One of our fans Liz has traveled to India and laid down this mesmerising soundtrack. She was able to capture and relive this moment together with her friends and family. 

Now that you know the moments of sound inspiration and also how to capture these special everyday events, you’re ready to hit record. Still unsure? Then check out our short guide to get the best out of your recordings. Happy listening!

Photo credit Mohammad Metri @ Unsplash

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